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. >> the 14-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center now in hagerstown. >>> maryland natural resources police have determined the cause of a death of a man who died in a jet ski accident in the bay. jessica is in the newsroom with details on this. >>> warren smith died from electrocution, it happened sunday evening, around 1 1/2 miles south of the bay bridge. powerful storms moved through the region. investigators say smith and a friend were racing back to avoid the storms when lightning was nearby. it wasn't enough to avoid a direct strike. but enough to kill him. >> summer thunderstorms are coming and can pop up with little or no warning. >>> an unusual criminal case in anne arundel county tonight. police have a suspect in custody. but they are looking for a would-be victim. >>> police say a suspect stole items from a store in the annapolis mall. he appears to try to carjack a woman driving that beige car. he was eventually apprehended by security. but police are looking for the victim in the car. >>> maryland voters consistently rate the environment and the health
methane gas leak as well. >>> battleground maryland. gov. martin o'malley's reelection campaign will get a boost to night. vice-president joe biden will appear with him at a fundraiser in baltimore. ole is expected to face former republican gov. bob ehrlich in the fall. >>> the vice-president as a bold prediction but the outcome of the midterm election. >> i think we're going to shock to everybody. we are going to win the senate and the house. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs said last week that democrats could lose control of the house. the polls show voters don't have much confidence in and congressional democrats. republicans say they will win the 40 seats needed. >>> the split may be forming in the department. the national tea party federation says that it has expelled conservative commentator mark williams. he wrote a fictional letter from "colored people " to president abraham lincoln's. he said it was meant to spur an honest debate on race. >>> still ahead, new details about the wild night at the university of maryland basketball game. is thatwho the center of that inve
23 for blocking a public thoroughfare. pat mcdonough is expected to interview maryland's version of the immigration law. he will be in reisterstown later today for that announcement. a crucial weekend is coming up in the final preparations for probably see the broken wealth that has been leaking oil. >> full containment is getting closer. cleanup continues. >> one small part of a huge cleanup. a critical job is ahead in the coming days. if work goes as planned, a method intended to ease the job of a permanent fix could start by monday. >> we could see this accelerated by the end of the weekend. >> the static killed is on track for completion next week. then a relief well will be used to pump in more mud from the bottom. this process could take days or weeks. after the fracture rate is fixed, the mission will shift from response to long-term recovery. that means less work for skimming vessels. >> we need to adjust the -- all of our opportunity. >> concerning 4 parish residents. >> we will hold their feet to the fire until all of the oil is out of the gulf of mexico. >> tennessee g
conference is performance evaluations. how does this ideas it with administrators? it is called the maryland principles academy -- two days of trading designed to help new principles build leadership skills. they also get to share what they have in common, which was the case for these two principles. >> what battles do you tackle first? that's something i would like to ask. >> develop a vision or a signature connected to your community because the community will be the ones who allegedly support you through your mission. >> the state costco- superintendent shed light on a new evaluation program. here's what is being proposed -- 50% of the principles evaluation will be based in part on things like planning, preparation and professional responsibility. the other 50% would be based on student growth with a 30% of the input coming from the state and remaining 20% from the local school system. >> all of us are accountable, but the principle is the instructional leader. i have never been to a great school that didn't have a great principle. >> it's a proposal getting early support from some maryla
. a 25-year-old from district heights, maryland was killed when his car struck a tree overnight. vander williams crashed into the tree and was ejected and pronounced dead on the scene. police say speed was a factor. montgomery county fire and rescue are on the scene of a fire in wheaton, md where an std crashed into a super chicken restaurant. -- suv crashed into a super chicken restaurant. and we are getting another look at metro cars that were damaged in the collision last year. one train struck the back of a train that was parked. no passengers were on board at the time but three employees sustained minor injuries. we turn to the news in the gulf of mexico. day 91 of the oily, and testing begins on that cap, and there could be lawsuits growing over pp >bp. >> the government and pp do not see eye to eye on what to do next. >> if encouraging signs continue, we are hopeful that we can get to the point where we can get the well killed. right now, there is no target to set the will and not open to flow. >> but the government confirmed a seep and possible methane over the wells. as a resul
dudley will replace tony hayward in october. >>> back here in maryland, the water front in the inner harbor east is closed right now. it was shutdown monday after a water pipe burst inside. they were slated to reopen yesterday and that's been delayed. about 900 people have been placed in other hotels. they're waiting for one last inspection. >>> let's get to positive news finally. another sunny afternoon around maryland. the heat and humidity are climbing and firsting we'll start with bern -- first, we'll start with bernadette woods. >> well, i'm glad you like this, jessica. the summertime weather has come back. what we have going on, 87 degrees in baltimore and we're on the rise. everything you notice, the dew points are also on the rise. this is what the dew points look like. about two days ago, we were cooler on the dew points and that's when it was refreshing and the humidity is starting to build. it feels like 94 in baltimore and 90 decks -- degrees in ocean city. we'll talk about more with marty bass. >>> good afternoon, everyone. i want to look at the first warning doppler rad
. let's check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. not much going locally, we'll take you to northwest baltimore county, reisterstown, nima headquarters, you can see the hazy skies. 72 feels like a muggy 77 this morning. not like yesterday morning. you're going to need the ac perhaps, driving into work. 91, that's our two-degree guarantee, isolated storm popping up. we'll talk about the weekend outlook in just a bit. >> we still have a road closure in west baltimore, north avenue closed this morning at braddish avenue because of a structure fire, you're going to see police on the scene encouraging drivers to use baker street as a detour. we'll be heavy on the southwest side at wilkins, we had an earlier vehicle fire off to the right shoulder. i believe it'd been cleared, this is pretty much volume delays as you approach 95 on the outer loop. stay with us, we have more travel times in a few minutes, megan and jamie, back to you. >>> a hopkins student is murdered just away from his home. here's abc2 news linda sow with one man dead and how his murder could affect the electio
is finally back home. >>> but we begin with accusations of excessive force. a maryland woman claims police broke her hand. we're diving into the investigation tonight. >>> that woman claims montgomery county police stormed into her wheat on home and knocked her around. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. that woman says because of her injuries she can't work and fears she could lose everything. fox 5's roby chavez is here with the story you will only see right here on fox 5. robbie? >> reporter: a 65-year-old woman is raising strong allegations of excessive force, police brutality and unlawful entry. her hand is bandaged and she's in a cast. she says montgomery county police roughed her up in her oem home. >> this guy grabbed my hand like this and was doing like this. i said stop, stop, you going to break my arm. >> reporter: 65-year-old piero tuno recounts the night she says montgomery county police broke her hand. >> i came from italy and i never get in trouble with nobody. then i have to come in here and keep it like i'm a criminal. >> she's fragile. never hurt a fly. never gotten a t
violated state wiretap laws. that's because maryland is one of a dozen states that requires all parties to consent before somebody makes a recording if there's an expectation of privacy. expectation of privacy on the side of the road? stop it. former prosecutor tom canipp is with us. they can record us but if i have a camera mounted in my car or on my bike, on an open road, i can't record what the police officer does? >> interestingly, with respect to the maryland statute and a lot of jurisdictions with the two party consent laws, consent applies to the audio, not necessarily the video. in maryland, the problem is the fact that he taped the audio conversation with him and the police officers and you get into the issue of whether there's an expectation of privacy. >> you know, my experience has always been, correct me if i'm wrong, if you're in an open place where anyone can hear you and see you, for instance on 38th and 6th avenue in manhattan. somebody records what us, that's fair game. >> absolutely. i walked here today from midtown and was recorded from cameras all over. >> and audio
news. >>> giving maryland's best breathing room that's as we continue. >>> attempted carjacking caught on tape. they need to find the victim. we'll explain. >>> serial killer suspect. latest on a murderer who targets mothers and daughters in maryland. we continue with vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 4:30 and sunny. and thanks for staying with us. and police identify a serial killer. he is responsible for mother- daughter murders in prince george's county. whit johnson reports for wjz news. >> reporter: place say that jason thomas scott is a serial kill weir the blood of five women on his hands. on tuesday the former ups worker was indicted in the murders of two of the women. >> we'll seek life without parole. >> reporter: he murdered a 42- year-old delores dewit and her daughter ebony. their bodies were found in a stolen car after it had been set on fire. scott is the prime suspect in three other prince george's county maryland murders including karen and her daughter who were found shot to death in their home in january of last year. and in 2008. another woman was gun
for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> lower 70s in westminster today. nape bel air and annapolis and 77 rock hall. kent island in 76. we'll get the return of humid air and cold front tomorrow night and here come it is almost perfect weekend. and sunshine today, 92 degrees is the high. sunny to partly cloudy skies and a tad more humid and stuffy and 74 tonight. tomorrow, partly sunny and 92 is the high and afternoon thunderstorms, here's the front. the weekend bookended. that's friday and monday by 86 degrees. that's normal. and sunny with the daytime highs. not a ton of humid. >>> here's sharon with wjz traffic control. >>> we're looking at two accidents. here's one of them live. and you can see the accident there in the middle of the screen. the s
. we will bring everyone back on line. >>> we're learning more this morning about a maryland man suspected in the areas infamous mother daughter murders. >>> conditions still pose a risk on metro after yesterdalast ye's deadly crash, what this means the passengers. >>> it is wednesday, july 28, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. first we go to adam caskey. >> you'll notice a little added cloud cover. a little will in the atmosphere is causing clouds. you will notice added humidity as well. 71 degrees in leesburg and front royal, 73 in frederick, 75 in arli -- 77 in arlington. 92 degrees this afternoon. we will see the sunshine, but we just have to wait a few hours. 92 is the high temperature. a little above average for this time of year. added humidity. a few isolated late-day thunderstorms. now to lisa baden. >>> it has been complicated on the beltway, leaving alexandria and getting to tysons. there was an accident that resulted in a car fire, after eisenhower avenue before van dorn street. then there was a work zone close to 236, but that should be out of the road nea
are getting discounts. this is according to an accounting for which says florida, illinois, and maryland are among three new states offering tax breaks. this will be in the second week of august. a cosmetic company is apologizing for a collection inspired by the town. the collection and the use name like border town and goes tell. a report on durable goods coming out may influence trading today. the orders are expected to show that they gained in june. we did have a mixed bag yesterday. one report showed a jump in home prices. another report showed a drop in consumer confidence. the number of construction jobs in baltimore dropped 10% in the past year. the bloomberg maryland index was lower. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. 73 degrees on tv hill. another check on the weather and traffic straight ahead. >> do you think you have what it takes to play for the ravens? >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think schools should keep students with head lice from attending classes? you can e-mail your response to wate
maryland, northern virginia we have lower 50s as well and even locally over to reston, 53, sterling and great falls 55 degrees. andrews is 59. 63 columbia and 62 ft. belvoir. arlington 61. a great day. a lot of sunshine. if you are going to be outside, use the spf factor because you can burn easily this time of the year. high temperatures below average in the lower 80s. that's going to change by sunday. patranya bhoolsuwan, how's it looking? >> good morning. i wish i could say it is quiet out there. just 4:30 but we have some accidents to tell you about if you are heading out early to work or to get out of town this early friday morning. on 495 in virginia, we have an accident here at van doren inner loop. two lanes are taken away for drivers. it will be slow between eisenhower and the mixing bowl. on 95, look at this, a lot of traffic. drivers have been telling us it has been slow most of last night and in to this morning and two accidents to add to this, 6444 -- 644 and backlick. with want to tell you about road closures in dc. we will tell you more about that in the next hit. >>>
near camden yards. no word on how the man died. >> maryland natural resources police say annapolis man died after cauggt on a personal water craft during the storms last night. officials say 63-year-old warren smiih and another man weer riding two personal water craft near the bay bridge when the storm blew in. the men were unable to reach the shore at sandy point state park. second man was kicked off the craft. that man was able to get back o3 his craft, but smith was found floating face down in the water. >> last night's violent storms also caused damage across the state including prince george's county. where a tree fell on a mini van killing a woman. 44-year-old michele hue manck killed. friends remember her as a generous person. >> she came over and gave meea favorite blanket as a gift. that meant a lot to me. because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave it to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous and kind. and a good person. -> 64-year-old woman was also inside of the car, she was taken to an area hospital. no word on her condition. >> the weekend torms allo
to newschopper 7 flying over 29 in maryland at lockwood drive. we still have police direction due to a traffic signal out. montgomery county is getting back to normal service for the most part. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:12, 75 degrees. when we continue, a passionate plea from the mother of a missing oregon boy. investigators are focusing their attention on the stepmother. >>> what is making headlines around the region as well. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >>> it could be friday before all of the power outages in our area are restored. crews have been working around the clock since the recent storm to try to restore electricity to everyone. pepco has 45,000 outages still in d.c. and montgomery and pr
... to move maryland forward. >>> good morning, maryland. 7:24. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we actually are lining up hefty rains on 83 in in yoant county cxsgglue o. hereford zone, it will be slow. it looks like it's redeveloping across parkton and north across middletown road to jarrettsville. and still rain in hunt valley. light showers towson, top side of the beltway, in response to storms that were pushing through the last couple of hours. big flareup of thunder and lightning in the poconos. showers passed through glen burnie and eastern shore overnight. winds already eeched over 45, 50 -- reached over 45, 50 miles per hour and today we could have the same deal. in fact these showers from the mountains, we'll watch for the possibility of reaching us after 9:00. 75 baltimore. 77 easton. humidity makes it upper 70s to lower 80s. the atmosphere is prime for more storms mid-afternoon through to the evening. any storms have the slight possibility of reaching severe limits, that means winds over 60 miles per hour, perhaps even large hail over one inch in diamet
a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. he is accused in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony. >> he always came to work. he was never one that cause any problems. >> i hope that with the arrest of this bad, very dangerous individual that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing some of the other cases. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton, both of them shot to death six week before the dewitts' murders at their home nearby. >>> still to come, another oil spill in the gulf while the bp spill reach as a milestone. we have an update on both. >>> we have an update on two american sailors ambushed in afghanistan. we'll get the latest on the massive search. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> we now know the identity of the two sailors ambushed in eastern afghanistan last friday. the pentagon confirms the taliban killed petty officer second class justin mcnally of colorado and the to belie
days. most of the outages are in maryland, particularly in montgomery county. pepco is working to restore power to more than 25,000 customers there. more than 5,000 customers are in the dark in prince george's county and in the district, a little more than 2300 customers have no electricity. elaine reyes has the latest from gaithersburg. >> this is pepco's staging area where crews from out of town are waiting for their assignments. the goal is to have most, if not all, the power restored by tomorrow night. >> there would be such an influx of calls, because we said after 3:00, call 1-877-pepco 62. as anticipated, there was a large volume of calls. it created a problem for our technology. >> there have been numerous complaints by customers complaining they are not getting accurate information for repair time. they are enlifting the help of hundreds of workers brought in from out of town. police officers spent the morning rush-hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> down wires continue to be a tremendous safet
today. >>> there is some good news for maryland residents. water restrictions for montgomery and prince georges counties were finally lifted last night. the storm knocked out power to the plant in potomac for 12 hours. it took several hours to get the plant back online. >> that was the good news. bad news, power outages are affecting many montgomery schools this morning. 59 buildings are still without power. there will be no summer classes, summer camps, recreation programs or meal programs at those buildings today. for an updated list visit the montgomery county school system's website. >>> stay with us throughout the morning for the latest power outage numbers and how it will affect your commute. you can find the latest information at >>> today we may learn what caused the deadliest crash in metro history. national transportation safety board is meeting with investigators before holding a final vote on the probable cause of the redline crash. the boorld issue recommendations on how metro can avoid a similar tragedy in the future. last june, nine people were killed w
to the north and west at this hour. notice in western maryland and west virginia, that line of shower activity is associated with an upper level low that will come through later today and that would spark off more widespread showers and thunderstorms. so bottom line, more clouds than yesterday, temperatures are still going to be warm. muggy out there. and we stand a good chance of seeing some widely scattered and thunderstorms. all right, off to a warm start. 78 at reagan national. fredericksberg, 77. ocean city, 80 degrees. we're going to hit the 90s again this afternoon with a lot of cloud cover. high of 92. very humid with winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. i'll let you know if we have any cool air on the five-day. i have a hint. we don't. but i'll show that to you any way. let's get to lauren demarco with traffic. >>> a new accident reported northbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue. in the outer loop through montgomery county from college park past university boulevard, from this camera angle toward silver spring, we do have some slow traffic. 66 inbound slow through manassas and from
and lightning and northern loudon county and maryland and north frederick county, virginia, there is a line north of frederick passing south mountain, heading off to the north and east will begin to pull away from the area as the morning progresses. right now it's a steamy morning. we're in the 70s to near 80 degrees across the region. 70s on the eastern shore, 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. and this morning we have the weak frontal zone coming through. later today too a chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs low 90s. wednesday, steamy all week. jerry, how's the traffic? >> good morning, everyone. heads-up, you were warned. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, a new lane configuration in the overnight hours early this morning. vdot is reconfiguring the travel lanes. construction barrels are right in the middle of the roadway and this will cause early confusion, particularly in the early morning darkness. you can see the construction barrels right there. we'll have two lanes to the right, two to the left. you get the drill. it's monday. >> and we'll
weather today but nonetheless a couple of rumbles can't be ruled out in southern maryland. traveling over the bay bridge and out towards ocean city or rehoboth, rain free at the beaches for now. this band of rain showers will be in out and of the beach fairly quickly during the course of the day. i think even by late this evening it will be dry weather again at the coastline. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. low pressure offshore. that's the reason we've enhanced our rainfall around here this morning so off to a showery start on our saturday. but sunshine is lurking just a few hours away from us. west of the blue ridge you'll have decent amount of sunshine by late afternoon, longer to get the sun out in the washington area. for today cloudy and very muggy outside. scattered showers, one or two rumbles of thunder that's about it. the bay forecast for today, today is not the best day to be out doing any boating or sailing but tomorrow will be a beauty. down at the beaches, ocean city to rehoboth, wonderful weather for tomorrow after a rather shower filled saturday, and i can verify to you t
used by bradley manning, a 22-year-old from potomac maryland. . >>> we have much more ahead on the wiki leaks controversy. just after 7:30, we'll talk with military analysts with fox news about what kind of danger the leak could present. >>> a lot of people feeling the effects of the storm this morning. if your home or property has been damaged, how do you go about handling the insurance claims? how do you better prepare incase something like this happens to you in the future? >>> as we head to break, a live look outside right now, 270 at montrose. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. ecic >>> making headlines this morning, the washington interfaith network is planning to put jobs in neighborhood investment first. hundreds of groups packed the asbury united methodist church pressing candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. >> need to support our people so they have the skills to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and be able to get those jobs. >> the last four years are a demonstration of sever
of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked by every republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this is the kind of judgment you have, to pick michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama, though. >> that's right, and the irony is that this is the time that republicans should be a triumphant. instead, michael steele's distraction has them back on their heels. people knew he was not a great manager or a fundraiser, but they said he was great on message. that has not exactly turned out. we have gone back and forth on this. by now "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to take the house. we changed that this week and michael steele's distracting is hurting fundraising. >> this is the year where republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant, an
, the race for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, who was governor of maryland and chose michael steele to be his running mate, is going to be pilloried because michael steele is being attacked a republican in shoe leather, including charles krauthammer. this the kind of judgment you have, to pick up michael steele? >> it does not help barack obama. his bold, is still -- his poll numbers still stink. >> republicans should be triumphant and michael still has the back on their heels. people said, oh, he is great on message. that is not how it turned out. we have gone back and forth on this call. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we change that this week, and michael steele is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the year or republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, and discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on each. they have michael steele, they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis tho an ant and the congressman whose name escapes me -- >> joe barton prepar.
for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, governor of maryland, chose michael steele to be his running mate, and he will be pilloried because michael steele is being w attacked by every republican, including charles krauthammer. this was the judgment you have, to choose michael steele? >> this does not help barack obama. his poll numbers still sting. >> absolutely. republicans should be rampant, but michael steele has them back on their heels. -- republicans should be trying that, but michael still has them back on their heels. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we changed that this week, and michael steele's distracting is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have done better comparing -- they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant and the congressman who made mistakes -- >> joe barton. >> joe barton -- i don't want to remember -- >>
to robbing and killing kang. his friends set up a memorial fund on-line. >>> in maryland a newborn is in the care of social services after being thrown from a second story window. according to police, the 11- year-old mother had just given birth before tossing the child out of her home. the baby was discovered by another female in the house who heard the baby screaming. despite the two-story drop, the baby girl is listed in good condition according to doctors. the state's attorney is now deciding whether the young mother should face charges. >>> he could go down as one of the most notorious criminals in washington history. a grand jury indicted 27-year- old jason scott yesterday for the double murder of a mother and daughter who lived noor him in largo. delors and ebony dewitt were killed last march. according to police scott is also the prime suspect in the murder of another mother daughter murder, karen and karissa lofton. >> he is a super felon that likes to do whatever he gets away with. it makes his heart sing and he will do anything until he is caught which luckily he has bee
for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it's time for fios. >>> maryland's health officials say two more deaths have been attributed to the hot weather. that brings the number to ten. the most recent deaths include one in baltimore another in prince george's county. both were over the age of 65 and had underlying conditions. the victims were found inside their homes which did not have air conditioning. the temperature inside measured above 90 degrees. it's 6:19 right now. now a break. >> that's right. we need it desperately around here not to be above 90 degrees. we've been 90 or higher the entire last week. our first back-to-back 100 degrees in 11 years over the course of the week. finally a little change coming our way. welcomed news. cloudy skies and some rain showers out there to get your saturday started but it's been so hot and so dry for so long that i think everyone is willing to take some cloudy cool rain showers even on a weekend. outside on your saturday take a check of it. from the roof of the hotel down near national airport where our city camera lives. cloudy and w
in as far away from ohio, pennsylvania, delaware and right here in maryland. >> they're going to start moving across the area. they'll be going with tree trimmers as necessary. going into the areas from montgomery county, also the district of columbia and prince georges county. even though we're staged here, we'll stretch across the entire pepco footprint. >> reporter: pepco expects most of those people to have their power back on today or tomorrow. they're also sticking to the timeline, they expect everyone to have their power restored by thursday. back to you, tony and allison? >> sarah, thank you so much. >>> montgomery county schools are still dealing with weather related closings. the power is still out at 59 montgomery county schools. summer school programs, camps, recreation programs and meals are all cancelled today at those 59 schools. you can find a link to a complete list the schools affected on under web links. we want to let you know, ivy mount school in rockville has been opened today. it is open today, however montgomery county parents will be required to tra
management from the university of maryland college and that he worked for u.p.s. and his work was a core piece of the investigation. >>> today is a 100 in the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank more than three months ago and 100 days later the cap is finally intact. the coast guard says the pressure around the well is stable. spotters from the air are having trouble finding any oil sheen in the water but louisiana officials aren't convinced the disaster will be coming toed and anytime soon. >> are they trying to say this is over? are they that stupid? you know, it took six weeks from when it first started to leak to come ashore and now they topped it last week and it's over? >> reporter: some oil is still washing up op beaches and scientists say massive clouds of oil suspended in the water column could contaminate seafood and deplete oxygen. >>> the coast guard is keeping a close eye on another oil spill in the gulf. a tug boat pushing a barge slammed in to an abandoned well 65 miles south of new orleans. it sent a plume of oil and gas in the
make their way to area beaches. the maryland transportation administration estimates that 470,000 vehicles will cross the bridge through monday. aaa mid-atlantic predicts over 817,000 residents will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend. that's 130,000 more than last year. and 750,000 of those travelers will go by car. >> the weather that is heating up big time. just in time for the 4th. we go to the terrace with details of what we can expect. >> reporter: hope you've enjoyed the last few days with beautiful weather here. the temperatures as you said will start to heat up through this weekend. let's start off where we are. lower 80s. few upper 70s out there. looks like 81 our official reading at reagan national. warm up tomorrow. upper 80s near 90 degrees. at least it is staying dry. sunday, temperatures pick up into the middle 90s. the humidity will still be okay. once we go into this next week i know the observed holiday on monday a lot of us will be off. that's when the real humidity starts to come back. we could be flirting with triple digit heat not for one, tw
cloudiness. upper 60s to around 70s. eastern shore now, the mid 70s, the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. at many locations, they have dipped into the upper 50s and it's not very humid there. over the last 12 hours, we've had showers and thunder showers to the west of washington. those have dissipated. we have low clouds lingering east of the ridge this morning. a little bit of sunshine in and out, partly sunny. hot and humid. highs reaching the low 90s. there's a chance of a late shower tonight and around tomorrow. tomorrow, unfortunately some storms tomorrow could be severe with some of the damaging winds. highs in the mid 90s to be followed by higher humid and cooler temperatures. >>> looking pretty good right on the wilson bridge. however, authorities are dealing with an accident outer loop at van dorn street. let's head over and see how we're doing. headed to the bay bridge or those of you on the eastern shore through annapolis right now. as just mentioned, restoration continues. we still have a lot of traffic lights out around the area. we'll keep it updated. >> t
eyes. >>> your eyes are popping open, just before 5:00. "good morning maryland," i'm jamie costello. megan has the day off. meteorologist justin berk with the weather. >> good morning. we've had a rough ride so far. a lot of us were awakened with storms. showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. also expecting more storms this afternoon with a chance some could turn severe. check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, if you see that last image up top, we have 795 lightning strikes in the region just over the last two hours. in fact we can zoom in a little closer, you can see most of the storms passing off to the north. from hagerstown to frederick, westminster, you're getting wet. looks like most of the energy passing towards hanover and york but looks like at least a chance of showers may try to pass through the immediate area, towson northbound as we head through this afternoon. isolated rumble of thunder. more storms this afternoon as we go for the 2-degree guaranteed high of 92. >>> our first check of the roads with kim brown. >> good morning. you may find wet
-bye to the wave. >>> all right, good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. let's get right to the weather, it was so hot for so long, when it was upper 80s it felt like summertime. let's see if we can keep it going. here's meteorologist, justin berk. >> the humidity has come back, in fact, we have pictures to prove it. stick around, we'll show you how we've been dealing with the humidity here in the studio. don't get scared, mr. costello. the temperature will come up in a few minutes. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five sweeps across the chesapeake, we're currently quiet as a clear to partly cloudy sky ranges across the region. 69 ellicot city. you're about 59. 72 westminster and cockeysville. stevensville to chestertown, 76. we're feeling a pinch of the humidity coming back. partly sunny sky, up to 91 as our two-degree guarantee. small chance of an isolated storm. right now it's 6:01. it's the birthday girl. kim brown with traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we're working an accident, southbound lanes of th
right, george. >>> authorities in maryland, meanwhile, they say have indicted america's newest serial killer. police say 27-year-old jason thomas scott killed five women over the past two years. and they have killed more in other parts of the country. pierre thomas has the latest and joins us live from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police say they expect the investigation to expand across state lines, into texas, florida and the district of columbia. and what they describe as a chilling case. five women murdered in a span of only nine months in one suburban maryland county. january 2009. karen lofton, a nurse fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner of her own home. her daughter, gunned down as she frantically dialed 911 for help. the killer had disarmed their security system. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. two months later in march, another nurse, delores dewitt, and her daughter, ebony, savagely murdered and burned in a car. >> i have lost a friend. >> reporter: and vilma butler, executed and left to burn in her hom
was taken into custody. >>> the maryland washington, d.c. area has been hit by massive power outages after storms blew through the area knocking down trees and power lines. a prince georges county county fire spokesman says a tree fell on a mini-van killing a woman in beltsville. we'll send you back to new york for "good morning america." we'll see you in a half-hour for good morning maryland at 9:00. ♪ let's live it up i've got my money let's get it on ♪ >>> and we've got a feeling you're going to be back with us on friday, out in the park for black eyed peas. they are part of our summer concert series taking center stage on friday. we invite to you come on back. you're being very quiet and mysterious. >> oh, the sound. >> i know. >> we say good morning, america. on this monday morning, i'm robin along with george. >>> this morning, tory johnson is going to show you some people who have really mastered the art of living. making money from home. all of these people have done it. tory johnson is going to show us how. >>> plus, they can destroy your summer fun, and your home. army of ant
. >>> 78 degrees in laurel, maryland. here is a nut -- nice shot of the sunrise. it is uncomfortable in terms of the humidity. the heat has been high the last couple of days but the humidity is higher while the temperature will go down a little bit. we are on our way to 93 thanks so much. more on your thursday outlook a little later on in the show. robin? >> all right, marysol. thank you. >>> now, to the lebron watch. basketball superstar, lebron james, will announce tonight where he will play next season. he will do it live on espn. the 25-year-old known as king james has been the subject of much speculation. mike greenberg of espn radio's "mike and mike in the morning" will help us dive into this. on your program, you said. it's going to be on espn tonight, this big announcement. what's the latest you're hearing, greeny? >> all signs seem to be pointing to miami. yesterday, they put together two great players. dwyane wade, who has been there for several years. and another, chris bosh, agreed to play with him. if they put that group together with lebron james, they would immediately
administration claims they're not liable for injuries suffered by the only survivor of the 2006 maryland medivac crash in which air traffic controllers provided outdated weather information. the attorney for jordan wells says that faa officials sent her a letter last month declining to pay damages that wells asked for. last year, the crash that killed four people was caused by a combination of factors including outdated weather information. >>> banking giant wells fargo is laying off 3800 employees over the next year. the company is closing some 638 independent consumer finance offices. wells fargo acquired wachovia in 2008. >>> later today: the governor and mayor of baltimore, they're going to announce funding to extend the operating hours of about 10 area recreation centers and they will extend the hours in areas of baltimore with a lot of at-risk youth. this gives kids a safer place to socialize and keep them out of trouble. it'll keep ten rec centers open for four extra hours each night through middle of august. >>> let's look at the orioles losing to detroit yesterday. the final score was 4
-year-old nurse and her daughter. now investigators in maryland want to know if scott used his job to select his victims. i want to get the latest from michelle sego gona. what officials are saying about the possible connection to other unsolved murders. >> jason thomas scott is charged with the first two counts of murder. that's out of a prince george's county neighborhood theyç have been to. there was also another mother-daughter murder in that same neighborhood that investigators believe he is responsible for but those official charges have not come down yet. along with another murder in 2008 in a home in buoy, maryland, which is about 15 minutes from the other four murders that he could possibly be responsible for that one as well. along with other murders in other jurisdictions, so this case just keeps expanding as time goes on. >> this is the really scary part because police say the suspect's job as u.p.s. is quote a core piece of this investigation, so explain how is that? >> he worked in the shipping label department where he would correct the labels basically on packages
.c. and maryland area that will be without it tonight. reporting live on 10th street northeast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there are now water restrictions in place in frederick, maryland. today mayor randy mcclement asked residents to voluntarily conserve water until further notice. tend intense heat and minimal rainfall have result in lower water levels. officials suggest that people minimize the use of their garbage disposal. use refrigerated water instead of running the tap for cold drinks and use a broom, he says, instead of a hose to clean your driveway or your sidewalk. >>> another hearing planned to talk about metro's deadly crash of last summer. members of the washington area congressional delegation will meet fwri the head of the national transportation safety board. they'll learn more about the ntsb's findings and recommendations. the ntsb blamed a faulty electronic circuit and metro's safety culture on the deadly crash that killed nine people last june. >>> a toddler is in serious condition after a chemical accident. i happened this morning in the 2500 block of 17th street n
struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. [ maltry the subway achin'steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak and bacon muffin melt with, oh yeah, bacon. crank up the flavor at subway. >>> we're back, "early show" on a monday morning. and it is sunny and warm outside in the northeast right now. but dave price says, thunderstorms potentially. >> potentially. >> which would be great. cool things off a bit. >> it would be very nice to cool things off a bit. speaking of cooling off, if you are on vacation to cool things off or warm up, luggage can be a huge hassle. checking your luggage can be a huge hassle when you fly. you may need to pay a fee and the airline could still lose your bags, but that headache might be a thing of the past, thanks to our travel editor, peter gren burg, you don't want to miss his money-saving tips. peter says he's not checked a bag in eight years. >> if peter says to do it, i'm following. the man knows his stuff. >>> speaking of vacation, the first family spent a fun-filled weekend in maine,
a new poll for the maryland's governor race is placing bob ehrlich and roberto mallly. robert, o'malley. >>> that volume is increasing on the entire west side stretch all >>> 6:43 now on this wednesday morning and for now, dry out there, for the ost part. look at sky hd radar and only on the southern part of the eastern shore do we see a couple of3 remnants of showers that moved out of virginia and mmved across that part of the state. otherwise, watching the area toetothe midwest that is where e frontal boundaay is. that could be by tomorrow,ú fairly strrng. we will take a look at that in a %-76 degrees the temppratures in baltimore. 77 in d.c. and 69 in hagerstown. %-numbers, they have climbed a little bit and should continue %-the humidity is especially lar today and on thursday. it will move out by the weekend in time to enjoy a great weekend in fact. the better hance as i say it will be the as the front pushes through tomorrow by the late morning some showers and %-the afternoon as you can see3 some thunderstorms popping up later in afternoon for the eastern shore as well.
in maryland as you head on 95. beltway looks good as well. traveling on the outer loop from college park past new hampshire avenue, you can see all of your lanes looking great. traveling in virginia, if you are head up northbound 395, there is a new traffic pattern for the 14th street bridge today. here, we've got the cent lane closed here. you'll be getting by two lanes to the left, one to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> we want to get more on the developing story we are following out of india. more than 50 people are dead after two packed trains crashed in eastern india overnight. the trains were at a station in west bengal state about 125 miles north of calcutta. a high-speed train rammed into a slower-moving train. volunteers are using blowtorchs and heavy equipment to try to get to survivors. we don't have any word yet on what caused this crash. >>> it has been four days since british petroleum caped a leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. this morning, there are more concerns that oil may be continuing to spew into the gulf. stacy cohan has t
with an extensive criminal history. he has a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. authorities say his work behind the scenes at ups was a key part of their investigation. he was indicted in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony dewitt. >> this individual is a very bad person and i will tell that you. i mentioned that last week. we think we have just begun a long journey that will take us beyond the borders of prince george's county. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton. the loftons were found shot to death inside their home about a mile away. >>> checking more headlines this morning, another oil spill minister gulf. the latest on efforts to contain this spill and a milestone in the massive bp spill. >>> nationals fans are holding their breath this morning. we'll get the latest on stephen strasburg's injury coming up a little bit later in our sports breakfast. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  [ poof! ] who are you?
. >>> look at dispatch center was by all of your -- by one of our viewers in maryland and a waste transfer center. wind toppled a giant crane, no reports of injury. >>> the storms were just as destructive in the district. hurricane strength winds broke trees and branches, sending them into houses, power lines, and on top of cars. roads were lifted from buildings -- rooves or listed. >> we have an abundance of large, old trees in northwest washington. this is a chevy chase parkway. there is one lying right across the street. it fell on top of several vehicles. aside from all of the of debris, power lines are down in this neighborhood. if we look around this area of northwest d.c., this is a real problem for a lot of people this morning, lights out. a lot of people still in the dark. at this hour we have not seen any cleanup crews or any repair crews coming through. of course, we understand that in the near future they do have this neighborhood on their agenda. a lot of people in this particular community are very anxious to get the streets cleaned up and to get their lights and air conditio
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